Take Two

Most of you will now know that James and I returned to Australia. It was a hard decision to make but we feel it was the right one. So with the support and understanding of our wonderful friends and family we are picking up where we left off in Sunny Sydney.

Besides a mountain of priorities and concerns, I was left wondering what to do with my blog.  As brief as it was, I had enjoyed the creative processes of writing and taking photographs because Timor Leste an interesting setting that I wanted share.  But now I was back in Australia, what would I write about? I had lost my voice.

Still pondering this question, I was returning on foot from Balgowlah this week with two litres of free worm fertiliser (more on that later), when it occurred to me the musings behind ‘Tipi by the River’ ring true no matter where I am living.

So here goes: The local edition.


3 thoughts on “Take Two

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