The Bokashi Project: Part 1

I’m a big fan of composting.  It diverts waste from landfill, reduces greenhouse gas and is nature’s way of recycling waste into nutrient rich food for the garden.

I’ve been lucky in previous rentals to have a communal compost bin in the back yard somewhere, but there’s nowhere suitable at my new unit.  Even a healthy compost bin attracts a few bugs and no one really wants that outside their window.  Nor would the body corporate look too kindly on a worm farm in the azalea garden.  So I started thinking about bokashi and indoor composting.

I’d heard enough about bokashi buckets to know commercial kits are overpriced but I figured I could make my own with a couple of buckets and a drill.  I was searching online to see if anyone had tried this when I came across “Swedish buckets” on Jenny’s very knowledgeable bokashi blog.  She says all you need is a bucket with a snug lid, newspaper and bokashi bran (aka EM or effective microorganisms).  What could be easier?

Ideally I was after used buckets but ended up buying a new one from my local independent hardware store.  This particular style will do the job, however the lid tough to peel off so I wouldn’t recommend it.  I’ve since thrifted a nappy bucket via Freecycle so I’ll see how that one works too.

The challenge will be what to do once the buckets are full and ready to take outside as the contents need to break down in the soil before you can use it, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


4 thoughts on “The Bokashi Project: Part 1

  1. Keep watching Jenny’s Bokashi Blogs (and join her on facebook) highly recommended! Jenny has experimented successfully with lining the bucket with a fully compostable bag. She is refining all the time and learning and sharing.
    Thanks for this blog and welcome to my fermented world. We should compare notes. I’m on my first bucket too. All the best. This is going to be fun.

    • Hi Kerri, thanks for your comments. As you can see I’m new to blogging so it’s nice to get some positive feedback. From my brief search online seemed to have the best priced bokashi bran, but they’re all cheaper if you buy in bulk – just need friends to get the bokashi bug too! Hope your bokashi is maturing nicely.

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