Waste Not

While I was writing an earlier post I found myself on tangent about waste in general and decided I’d make a separate post about it.

It’s something to consider that the junk that washes up on the beach or is discarded in bushland is just a fraction of waste the modern world produces.  I for one am very conscious of the rubbish I generate and I try to make sustainable choices, but sometimes there are no alternatives.  Many times food can only be purchased in disposable, non-recyclable packaging.  If you’re lucky to have a food cooperative in the neighbourhood, your waste would be considerably reduced, but it comes at a higher price and for some this in not an economical option, especially when the large supermarket chains can offer significant savings for everyday necessities.

What is positive, if not perfect, is that eco has become chic in the West and big brands are falling over themselves to manufacture organic and sustainable products in recyclable packaging.  This is still profit driven, but is a sign of change, however small that may be.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, particularly when I am travelling in countries that haven’t been conditioned since childhood to put rubbish in the bin, and lack the infrastructure to support waste and recycling programs.  But I remember that ozone destroying CFCs were widely used until effective campaigning saw them banned from production.  So perhaps there is hope.


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