Mrs Morley’s Cash Mob

Mrs Morley is a 99 year old, six days a week, haberdashery shop owner and she’s worked in her tiny shop in Manly since 1989.

In a gesture of good will and community spirit, Mrs Morley’s retail neighbour, Desire Books organised a ‘cash mob’ calling on folks to come down to the store on Saturday morning to spend $5 in the shop.

It was really heartwarming to join the queue in a show of support for local, independent business and to meet others happy to take time out from busy schedules to chat and have a cup of tea and pick up some cotton or a metre or two of ribbon.  There is something very special in that.

Oh, and Mrs Morley still tallies up all your sewing notions without a calculator.

To watch a very lovely video of the day, visit here.


Manly Markets

On the third Saturday of the month, Manly Village Public School holds a market day.  I think it’s one of the nicest markets in Sydney because it’s not too big and has a wonderful array of goods at old-fashioned prices, with lots of colour and soul.  There is so much to see I can spend a whole morning browsing through preloved clothes, crafts, plants and quirky bric-a-brac.

I did a round of the stalls, soaking up the sunshine and atmosphere, and came home with a skirt, a pot of lemongrass, and a whole heap of pictures.

The Dickens Moon

I forgot I’d taken this picture.  I was on my way home from Hemingway’s late last Tuesday, where we had toasted to Dickens on his 200th  birthday.  The moon was full, breaking through the heavy clouds that have become a feature of this mild summer.

The wind is rushing after us, and the clouds are flying after us, and the moon is plunging after us, and the whole wild night is in pursuit of us; but, so far we are pursued by nothing else.

Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

It’s the natural environment that I appreciate most about living in Manly.  The busy beach front and ferries are synonymous, but that’s not all it has to offer and it’s quite easy to avoid the crowds if you choose.

On Sunday I joined friends for the The Spit Bridge to Manly walk.  Around nine kilometres long, it offers off-road tracks, remote beaches, sweeping harbour views and an array of wildlife, right in the middle of Sydney.  I also discovered significant aboriginal rock carvings of animals and daily life which I hadn’t seen before.

Taking time for photographs, lunch and a swim, we finished the walk in a leisurely four hours.